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At Microtek, we pride ourselves on creating a world-class manufacturing operation that is customized to each of our clients’ unique needs. 

Our manufacturing capabilities

Wire Bonding

  • Ultra fine pitch wire bonding

  • Au, Al and Cu wire bonding

  • Ball and Wedge wire bonding

  • Deep access wire bonding

  • Gold Ribbon bonding

Die Attach

  • Automatic die attach ±0.5 μm placement accuracy

  • Automatic Eutectic die attach

  • Epoxy, solder, eutectic and exotic material die attach

  • Underfill and Globtop

Flip Chip and Bumping

  • Wafer bumping up to 8″

  • Singulated die bumping

  • Thermosonic die attach

  • Thermocompression die attach

Surface Mount Components

  • Solder and screen stations

  • IR convection reflow

  • Wave solder reflow

  • Automatic adhesive & solder paste dispense

  • Fine pitch BGA attach

  • Fine pitch solderball placement


  • Access to domestic and international manufacturing

  • High mix, low volume and high volume manufacturing capabilities

  • Batch or continuous manufacturing capabilities

  • Manufacturing process validation

  • Materials management and handling

  • Vendor audits and certification

  • Experienced technicians and assembly staff

  • Supply chain management

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